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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

I must add my comments finally on this book, and will go to other threads of the other two. I got them all on wed. afternoon and just finished Lost Souls 2 hours ago, so this is all still fresh for me. I have to say the series was simply stunning. Lost Souls was great for several reasons, most have been covered by others in this thread so i wont go on and make it all repetitive. I truely felt sorry for all of those humans from the Columbia that survived on that arctic island, but at the same time, the actual origin of the borg was fantastic. I had a feeling early on in the first book that they had SOME connection to them. I cannot wait till A Singular Destiny comes out in feb. definately getting that. I hope Full Circle goes in more detail about Voyagers roll during and after the fight. Also, i dont really remember seeing this but did any one else feel like the ds9 guys got the shaft in this one? really not even a mention on how ds9 was handling this, and where was the Defiant in all the fighting? it shoulda kicked some serious ass against the Borg; well at least i think it would have.
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