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Re: Orci On Canon And Timelines


By developing a cursory understanding of modern physics, we will claim that we can do whatever we want with the lineage of a 40-year franchise and chalk up any and all discrepancies to our being in an 'alternate but non-exclusive timeline!' Yes! It gets better by the day!

The problem here is that everyone involved with this project is trying to play both sides, and they're looking ridiculous for it. One week, they talk about respecting tradition, the next, they give us a homoerotic cover shot of Kirk & Spock and an image of the bridge meets Speed Racer.

They need to settle on what this movie is going to be (or, more accurately, what it is) and just be honest with everyone. I'm more bothered by these tightrope acts that they keep on resorting to. If they want to reimagine, then reimagine. But this is idiotic: they end up threatening established 'canon' while not convincing anyone that they're going to be in line with it anyway.
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