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Re: Alien Nation fans?

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I discovered the series as a blind buy on DVD about six months ago. Yes, the alien biology was pretty implausible, but the ideas behind the series were very adult and very thoughtful--something you don't get from the usual science fiction series.
Absolutely. That's why I never missed an episode when it was on the air.
I thought Green Eyes was a great finale, although I agree that every character does seem to end up in a pickle at the same time.
The Buck and teacher storyline was really unnecessary. Johnson and the writers did some more interesting stuff with Bush in the later movies.
I picked up the Movie box set as well as the original movie after finishing the series. I didn't overly care for Dark Horizons because of all the ret-cons to the series regular, and Sykes' hair looked awful (that seems incredibly superficial, but it really bugged me).
Most of the retcons didn't bother me because four years had passed between Green Eyes and Dark Horizon, so there really no way to ignore the fact that everyone was older, particularly Lauren Woodland who played Emily, who was 11 during the series run and 15 during Dark Horizon. Retconning the year (1995 and '96 during the series, 1999 in DH) and most of Green Eyes I understood.

The one thing I didn't like was that during the series a big part of the alien backstory was that George's generatyion was born on the slave ship and that only the elders had seen Tencton, but in DH George mentioned being very young when he was taken from his Tencton village but "I still remember." I think that one was just a good old fashioned goof.
Luckily, the second film, Body and Soul, was better. I look forward to the rest of them (haven't had a chance to watch since starting this semester, but that will all be over next week).
Although I liked DH more than I liked B&S, there's no denying B&S is much closer in tone to the original series. I remember the first time I saw it thinking that it really felt like the series was back on the air, a feeling I didn't get with DH.
As for the original film, I watched it a couple of months ago, and with the exception of a few things, found it to be pretty awful. I realize now its where all the implausible trappings in the television series come from (I'm pretty sure salt water is acid to the aliens solely for an easy out to the ridiculous finale). Worse, it doesn't have any of the series' ideas. George's family is barely seen, and Newcomer culture is pretty one-dimensional.
Just accepting the ridiculous notion that salt water is like acid to them, it still begs the question of why they would live on the coast of a vast ocean after gaining their freedom.
Christopher wrote: View Post
The movies are fine, and I'm actually glad that Dark Horizon pretty much retconned "Green Eyes" out of continuity, because "Green Eyes" was a very contrived and implausible finale, with all the characters being simultaneously forced into huge crises.
To complicate matters, though, they continue to make references to the events of Green Eyes in both DH and Millennium.

I won't disagree with Green Eyes being kind of a mess, but there's two scenes in DH that don't have quite the impact they would have had Green Eyes been fresh on people's minds the first time the movie aired.

In DH, after it's clear Cathy is falling for Aphossno, Sikes wears Tenctonese clothing and drinks sour milk to prove he can be more like her. The scene still advances the story without Green Eyes, but if you remember Cathy spent the last episode trying to act human and eat cooked food so Sikes would like her, the scene is more poignant.

The other scene when Matt and George sing to Susan. In the original script for the unproduced second season episode "Soul Train" (basically the first half of DH without Aphossno) this was going to be the moment the two put aside their feelings and forgave each other for what happened in the last episode. In DH, this scene just seems to be there for more comic relief than anything.

The only movie I have a real problem with is the last one, The Udara Legacy, which forgets that Newcomers have longer lifespans than humans and treats 70s as elderly for them even though that's George's age.
Not only that, but Aphossno pretended to be Udara in DH, and George seemed to be impressed, telling Matt they were like Samurai. In Udara Legacy, when George hears the word Udara he reacts with shock, horror, and disgust, and we find out they are nothing at all like what we were told in DH.

No one's mentioned Enemy Within, yet, which was godawful.
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