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Re: Alien Nation fans?

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There's gotta be a couple people here who remember this great series. As science fiction, it's a bit silly.
That depends on your parameters. The science part, particularly the biochemistry, was quite implausible. But as science fiction -- fiction that uses speculative scientific, technological, or social advances as a basis for allegory and commentary on the human condition -- it was vastly less silly than most of genre TV, a very intelligent and thought-provoking show.

The movies are fine, and I'm actually glad that Dark Horizon pretty much retconned "Green Eyes" out of continuity, because "Green Eyes" was a very contrived and implausible finale, with all the characters being simultaneously forced into huge crises. The only movie I have a real problem with is the last one, The Udara Legacy, which forgets that Newcomers have longer lifespans than humans and treats 70s as elderly for them even though that's George's age.
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