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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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What should be established is whether the Borg could be created in the Mirror Universe.

Since the Borgs creation in our plane required a series of unfortunate events initiated by both chance and the personal decisions of several people (of which some will likely be dead in the MU),its nigh-impossible that the Borg could be created in the MU the same chance/convoluted way they were spawned here.

This brings me to my next hypothesis:
Isin't it more likely,then ,that the Borg in the Mirror Universe crossed over from our side ?
All it would take is one cube shunted into the MU by chance,and the rest would be history.
Please don't give them ideas' for more Borg stories... I think I've had all I can stomach.
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