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Re: TnT: If The Ship is A Rockin'...Don't Come Knockin'!

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You will note that Trip is closer to the camera and it is a slightly top down shot. That is a textbook method of giving items/characters to the back greater perceived height. If it was someone else in the scene with Trip the camera angle would have been low to make Trip look taller. They do this throughout the series.
I'm not clear on the point you're trying to make. Bakula is 6'0". Trinneer is 5'11".
When you said "here is a shot of them on solid ground" I assumed you thought the picture was a good representation of their relative heights. I was pointing out that the angle of the picture combined with the difference in distance between the two throws off that perception. Yes, they are an inch difference in height. That shot makes it seem like more. I was also pointing out that it seemed to be a common use of camera angles throughout the series. They usually shoot angles that makes Archer look taller. If he is not in the scene and trip is they use angles to make trip look taller. The exception is T'Pol. They try to make her look "less short".

Poor Dominic.
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