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Re: December Challenge Entry: Captives' Ransom

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Very nice story. Having a human Starfleet officer rediscover the true meaning of Christmas through the experiences of a once oppressed alien. That was a great premise and an even better execution.
Thanks...I'm glad you liked it.

Even though Mendral's not IN that situation anymore, he's always going to be tied to it. I don't think he could ever push those feelings away and I don't think he'd want to try.

I read something once in a book about Christians suffering religious persecution. One man in China said that while yes, he prayed for the suffering of his own people to end, he also prayed for those of us in the West: because since we don't have to endure what they do, we become complacent and we often lack the immediate understanding of what we believe.

That's what I think Sam needed to see and understand.

On a side note: Can you imagine having to do X-mas shopping in the 24th century? Lavelle was right, once you got replicators, it really gets tough.
I would definitely expect so. I imagine things would either need to be a) non-replicable (such as historical artifacts or things made of materials that can't be properly replicated, or that have "value" like home-cooked food), or b) hand-designed/tailored (hence why Garak's business was able to was really Garak HIMSELF, and his design skills).
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