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Re: TnT: If The Ship is A Rockin'...Don't Come Knockin'!

Hello! I just thought I would throw this in since it was news to me. I went to an event over the weekend for the American Cancer Society and Connor was there. I sat at his table of 8 that evening for dinner. One of the girls there would ask him a bit about Enterprise. He said that it was his idea to break up T'pol and Trip. He said that Trip was a normal red blooded male and wouldnt be waiting around while she was off getting married.. and also the whole 7 year sex thing. So he went to the writers to ask them to break them up for a bit to show that he was normal and should be out there seeing other women. He said the writers were great in listening to the cast members concerning their characters.
He also said they used a body double in the scene where T'pol drops her robe. He was very nice and polite and we had a great time.

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