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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Hi everyone. I forgot to introduce myselfÖ

Iíve been a Trek fan all my 20-something years (I was raised on it). My favourites right now are TOS, TAS and Enterprise. I loved Nemesis and thought it was one of the best Trek films. I also read loads of sci-fi and Trek novels.
I also a big Stargate fan.

Like many fans, I notice lots of little (and large) discrepancies between the various Trek episodes (and books), but I donít get into a flap over them. It is, after all, just a TV show (something far too many people have lost sight of).

I have an obsessive urge to start throwing rocks at fans who start whinging about Ďcanoní.

Like most others around here, Iím looking forward to the forthcoming remake film.
itís a prequel in the same way as Batman Begins is a prequel to old Adam West Batman. You can stick it before it if you really want. You might get funny looks.)

I *hate* BoringStar Borelactica (a bunch of sad, pathetic people who deserve all the suffering they bring down on themselves. Gritty and realistic? Depressing and tedious) and Star Wars (boring stuff for small children).
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