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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

Arpy wrote: View Post
Question for David Mack: How/why did you choose the planets/species the Borg annihilated?
I based my account of the destruction of systems and planets on a circular expansion away from the center of the Azure Nebula, as depicted in Geoffrey Mandel's reference book Star Trek: Star Charts.

I'm guessing people over at Paramount also had to okay the choices, but how do they decide too? And who are they? ...They must be trekkies also or they wouldn't know a Vorta from a Horta.
The licensing approvals for Star Trek currently rest with CBS Televison. However, it has been the same two people serving as the arbiters for the past several years, despite the changes in corporate letterhead: Paula M. Block and John Van Citters. And yes, they are both extremely knowledgeable about Star Trek. Their input and advice is almost always spot-on and very valuable, at least in my experience.

Turtletrekker wrote: View Post
^On that same note, how was the decision to kill off certain characters (Owen Paris, Charivretha, T'Lana, ect) made?
I wanted to depict the consequences of the Borg invasion by showing the tragic fates of minor characters previously established either on screen or prominently in the novels. Whenever possible, I tried to select characters who had strong emotional connections to our ongoing series' principal cast. That is why we see Shar's mom, Tuvok's son, Paris's father, a former Enterprise officer, and starship crews and officers from my previous Star Trek novels set during this late 24th-century time period.
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