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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Its easy to forget that nice people with loved ones are also Borg- so maybe they can be dealt with less ruthlessly by the MU due to the revelations of the Destiny story...
I don't see the connection. Destiny dealt only with the 'real' universe, it had no MU connections whatsoever. No one in the MU is, or could be, aware of anything that happened in Destiny. If there is any relationship at all between the two universes' Borg, we are not aware of it yet.

My concern is simply regarding the Borg as fictional characters (not how actual characters would deal with them). David Mack went to a lot of trouble to write this - to finally, unambiguously, END the Borg. If the MU Borg suddenly show up later on, doesn't that cheapen Destiny just a little bit?
But if I'm not mistaken- there are Borg in the MUs, at least in lit. So, unless the Caeliar dealt with or deal with them... then they're there. And I don't think that would cheapen it- I think the RU's experience, since we know contact with the MUs is possible, could help them deal with it- if it comes up. It may not. I'm just saying I won't be furious if they show up in some capasity again- Mack made the Borg scary for me, I wasn't afraid of them at all before- just hand me a Tommy gun... but that won't work against a cube. So now, since they actually cause me to feel emotions, I wouldn't mind if they popped in... thats all I meant.

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They are finally brought to justice by the 25th century.

The existence and activities of Section 31 were exposed to the general public by the early 25th century and its agents brought to justice for their crimes. The public release of Section 31's files and records ended over 300 years of the bureau's illegal and unsanctioned black-ops and infiltration programs. (The Good That Men Do)
That was strange and unexpected... I'd heard a bit about what TGTMD was about... but this I didn't see coming...
You probably should have seen it coming. 2001's Section 31 mini-series featured each of the then-three canonical captains sans Sisko -- Kirk in 2268, Picard in 2373, and Janeway in 2374 -- becoming aware of the existence of Section 31 and vowing to find a way to bring them to justice. The foreshadowing seemed obvious to me at the time.

And, sure enough, The Good That Men Do confirms that Section 31 is eventually uncovered and brought to justice. The only thing remaining to be told is the story of how they were brought to justice.
And Abyss? Did that fit in at all? (Bear in mind- the years make my brain fuzzy). Cause I remember Bashir and Vaugn's discussion... and figured they'd be found eventually... maybe. They must have good hiding skills.

Though I feel less out of the loop knowing that we don't know the how yet.
I rarely venture out of the DS9R, since thats were all my favourites are, for the most part... so I need to be caught up from time to time. Which you guys are awesome at...
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