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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Maybe in the future someone catches Section 31 so they can't attempt genocide anymore...
They are finally brought to justice by the 25th century.

The existence and activities of Section 31 were exposed to the general public by the early 25th century and its agents brought to justice for their crimes. The public release of Section 31's files and records ended over 300 years of the bureau's illegal and unsanctioned black-ops and infiltration programs. (The Good That Men Do)
That was strange and unexpected... I'd heard a bit about what TGTMD was about... but this I didn't see coming...
You probably should have seen it coming. 2001's Section 31 mini-series featured each of the then-three canonical captains sans Sisko -- Kirk in 2268, Picard in 2373, and Janeway in 2374 -- becoming aware of the existence of Section 31 and vowing to find a way to bring them to justice. The foreshadowing seemed obvious to me at the time.

And, sure enough, The Good That Men Do confirms that Section 31 is eventually uncovered and brought to justice. The only thing remaining to be told is the story of how they were brought to justice.
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