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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Maybe in the future someone catches Section 31 so they can't attempt genocide anymore...
They are finally brought to justice by the 25th century.

The existence and activities of Section 31 were exposed to the general public by the early 25th century and its agents brought to justice for their crimes. The public release of Section 31's files and records ended over 300 years of the bureau's illegal and unsanctioned black-ops and infiltration programs. (The Good That Men Do)
That was strange and unexpected... I'd heard a bit about what TGTMD was about... but this I didn't see coming... (I read up just now from Memory Alpha or something). I love that Jake has a cat named Odo!

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The Borg have been vanquished.
Well, unless their mirror universe counterparts ever happen to crossover to this universe
AAAA! Hell no! The whole fucking POINT of this massive series was to totally, irrevocably and permanently END the Borg. If the MU Borg pop up, that will be a galaxy-sized middle finger to the fans.

I don't know what will ultimately happen to the MU Borg. I doubt that we will ever find out. Perhaps "The Worst Of Both Worlds" will prove to be definitive? We can only hope.
Well, in theory an MU exists for every choice we make for the choice we didn't- so there are probably lots of MU borg... I don't think the fans will find it offensive- they'll have new respect and pity for the Borg, maybe be more sympathetic, try to help them, won't feel so overwhelmed... or maybe blow them up, who knows... I wouldn't be offended- kinda hard to shut those doors completely...
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