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Re: Spiner Defends Berman

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But, by the same token, this guy produced 25 seasons' worth of episodes for 18 years, hiring and working with some of the best writers in the biz (Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor, Ronald D. Moore, Joe Menosky, Brian Taylor, Ira Steven Behr, Peter Allen Fields, etc.). That's an accomplishment, no matter how you put it.
And he also alienated all of them. Or did you miss how they all quit while Berman stuck around with his worst mistake, Braga, gaining more and more power and influence, eventually leading to the demise of the Trek we knew?
Michael Pillar left VOY, by all accounts, because he wanted to move on to new challenges after having been at Trek for years. Jeri Taylor retired. So did Peter Allen Fields. Ronald D. Joe Menosky and Brian Taylor never quit, nor did Behr.

Of those, the only one that quit because -- possibly -- of Berman was Moore. Moore has always said that he quit because of the attitudes of the people in charge, though he never specified if he was talking primarily about Berman or Braga. Behr was apparently creatively alienated from Berman, but he never quit.

I'm not saying Berman was a good artist. Clearly he wasn't. But by the same token, I think that his mistakes were ones made in good faith as he tried to preserve the essence of Star Trek and to do what Gene Roddenberry would have wanted them to do, as he understood it. He made a lot of major missteps and ultimately produced two series that had no souls of their own (ENT and VOY sans Coto and Pillar, respectively) because he got burnt out.

But he's not a villain. No one was. This isn't a Victorian melodrama.
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