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Re: Secret Invasion: The End - SPOILERS!

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I pretty much gave up on DC after Countdown to 52 and then Countdown to Final Crisis rolled around. Took too long to figure out who the hell these minor characters are...
DC has fallen in love with their minor characters. Which on one level is good, because in books like Checkmate, Gotham Central or say, Secret Six, you get a look at the DCU universe from a very different and fresh perspective. One of the problems is they also have major events hinge around the actions of these minor characters, who seem lately to be all from Flash's world. And while multiple Green Lanterns make sense, they are after all a police force, I can't keep up with all the speedsters - dead, alive and in between - racing about in those Flash comics I don't read. But there a crap load of them, that I know.

It gets a bit messy.
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