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Re: Secret Invasion: The End - SPOILERS!

I don't mind DCs "rebooting," especially when it's done to try and bring the stories into the current climate. Which, admittedly, has been rare as of late. Especially when they just resort to what they were a few years prior.

My problem is just the stories they do tell. Particularly with Superman. They're just really, really bad most of the time.

I really appreciate the idea of seeing superheroes as modern gods and mythology. I just wish they'd really go down that route, telling stories that actually tell a story and -- preferably -- some sort of moral lesson. Most of the time it just seems to be a random wankfest with some obscure nobody as the villain and ends up being a punching-fest at the end.

At least a good number of Marvel stories look at the way people react to things with an emphasis on the characters, not the action sequences.
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