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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hello to everybody! I have been reading the boards for a long time and just decided to jump into some discussions that I find interesting. I've been watching Trek all my life, watched TOS so many times I burned out so many VHS copies of episodes...

I very much enjoyed most of TNG (S2-conclusion,) very occasional DS9 and even less occasionally, Voyager. I ultimately found myself enjoying Enterprise the most out of the all the post TOS incarnations, by far. For some reason Enterprise "spoke" to me in a way that the other three did not. While UPN's dismal treatment of the show in prime-time made it difficult for someone such as myself with an evening job to know when and if I needed to set my VCR (no DVR yet for me) - when the show became available on DVD - I immediately purchased it and watched what I'd missed (about 60%.) I certainly fall into the camp that I wish the show had gotten 7 seasons - and squarely blame UPN's lack of promotion, constant shifting of schedule, general disdain for the subject matter, and the lack of network outlets (how can you expect #'s when your product isn't nationwide like it's competitors) to be the cause of the corrosive situation that led to the series cancellation. (Well - spice in the Rick Berman/Paramount issues as well - I think many of us agreed with Paramount wanting to oust the guy from the franchise - progressive, intelligent writing was disappearing way back in VOY )

My favorite characters: Capt. Archer (well, better stated, Scott Bakula as Archer - Archer had some quirks that at times put me off a little) and Trip. Wish A. Montgomery had some more to do! Glad they didn't stick with Jolene's original makeup thru the whole series. Enjoyed Dominic Keating. The rest were well suited for their roles and certainly didn't do a poor job by any means.

Anyway - a bit about me - I am an entertainer, music producer and arranger as well as I collect vintage synthesizers and own a high-end video and audio recording/editing facility. I'm 33, married, live in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Hello, everyone! I look forward to participating in some of the lively discussion around here.

My quick take on what I see as Enterprise "biggies" - all just my new-to-the-board opinions, of course (please take with a grain of salt) - no offense intended to anyone - but I thought I would kinda let people know what I was about and where I stand regarding ENT.

- TATV was a terrible finale and I choose to believe that it was just an insignificant holo-tag and that the events contained (especially Trip's absolutely meaningless death and the inconsistencies surrounding it) are very much open to real non-holo interpretation.
- The speech at the end of Terra Prime is the real series finale for me.
- Alien Nazi's were an insult to an otherwise decently executed 3rd season/arc.
- (from another poster - cannot find original thread) - the Klingon homeworld 4 DAYS from earth???
- Who was future guy - we don't know b/c BB never thought it thru that far... nice.
- Would have LOVED to have had Jeffrey Combs join the main cast in Season 5.
- It seems that Enterprise (the show) is without a doubt the punching bag of the franchise. So many people take pleasure in denigrating it. I will be first in line to jump on the some flaws - some of the blatant canon violations were inexcusable and some of the writing (esp S1 and S2) was lackluster at best. BUT, it is hard for me to hear all the ENT-bashing when TNG took its time finding it's footing (and has it's own set of inconsistencies), DS9 had it's moments, and VOY, well, I felt was Ryan's Hope in space. Again - just my opinion.
- I have always felt bad for the ENT actors themselves who, I feel, did the absolute best with the material they were given, and because of franchise burn-out, stepped into their roles at a time that was becoming less and less Trek TV friendly, and therefore they bore the brunt of the 'abuse.'
- Yes, the nx-01 enterprise does look like an upside down Akira. They knew it, we know it. I would've liked a different ship, but, the design of federation/starfleet starships has become part of our 20th and 21st century pop culture consciousness. Everyone knows the nacelles and the saucer containing the bridge - and that includes people who's don't watch the franchise. I agree with the creators decision to retain those elements in order to remain true to that iconic status. NX is a prototype designation - and it was certainly leading up to the NCC-1700 Constitution class.
- My biggest grrr... :-) *** Enterprise the show was not a holoprogram. *** 97 episodes (again - I don't count TATV) were not played out on the Enterprise-D holodeck (or some other holodeck.) There is nothing said in TATV that implies ] anything other than the events depicted in that episode on the nx-01 are part of a supposedly accurate historical depiction of real life during the incident shown. The vehemence with which this is sometimes debated really seems a waste of breath. If someone doesn't like Enterprise - ok - but that is going a bit over the top and insulting to those of us who enjoy the program and those who spent so much time producing a quality product..

Thank you for allowing me to join in your community. I hope I didn't make a bad initial impression and I look forward to meeting and learning about each of you.


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