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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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Nan Bacco - Kathy Bates doing an Ann Richards/Molly Ivans impression
Not my first choice, but Kathy Bates can pretty much do anything....

Esperanza Piniero - Salma Heyak
A little too young....

Kant Jorel - Kurtwood Smith
Someone else suggested Hugh Laurie in full-on Dr. Greg House mode, but this works, too....

Jas Abrik - Alan Alda
OOOOH! Me likey....

Safranski - Richard Schiff
Not the physical type I was imagining at all, but the voice works.

Raisa Shoshtakova - Anna Devere Smith
Completely wrong. Too tall, not Russian enough.

Matthew Mazibuko - Forrest Whitacker
I'm sure he could do it, but he's not the physical type I was going for, FWIW. My ideal Councillor Mazibuko is Zakes Mokae.

T'Latrek - Dame Judi Dench (but only if she's doing an American Midwestern accent)
Not sure why the midwest accent is necessary, but Dame Judi is T'Latrek, AFAIC.

Koll Azernal - Bruce McGill
Not bad, but I prefer Ian McShane.

Min Zife - Peter MacNicol
You know, it took me years to take him seriously as an actor, because I couldn't get past his dreadful performance in Ghostbusters II.................

Ozla Graniv - Anne Hathaway
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