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Re: Andrew Probert's ST:TMP Dry Dock to be Orbited by 2020!

It's quite a complement to see one's conceptual thinking somewhat validated by a 'real-world' proposal. Even if this concept is a fluke (meaning the engineer did NOT see TMP) of parallel development, both concepts are based on logical thinking of what functions a structure like this would be built to address.

Both concepts propose the following: A structure to provide a well-lighted area for spacecraft in need of inspections, repairs, resupply, and maybe "refitting". The structure would logically provide a hanger or two capable of holding an atmosphere, for numerous reasons, and also include a sizable crew compartment containing living, working, warehousing, and recreational spaces.

So, except for my structure's ability to reconfigure for different-sized ships and keep those ships centered in the structure with the use of tractor beams, they do, in function, seem pretty similar.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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