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Re: Secret Invasion: The End - SPOILERS!

The Death of Captain America is one of the greatest comic book storylines of all time.
There was a story there? I must have missed it because all I could see was the typical post-modern deconstructionist pornography that Marvel tries to substitute for modern mythology.

But I liked it better the first time though. You know, when it was called The Death of Superman.

It's the main reason Ed Brubaker won the Eisner award for best writer two years running.
Didn't they give the award this year to some lead singer of a terrible, terrible emo band? Like I said, a lot of people like Nickelback.

Batman RIP, on the other hand, has all the hallmarks of a stunt
Like just about every run Morrison has ever had on a major title. I don't see what the big shock is. I expected this kind of thing to happen. This run is pretty much how he operates. If he's not leaving his name on a book and screwing up decades worth of mythology, then life isn't worth living to him. He's not the only writer around who does this, but he's the worst offender.

that you know will quickly be reversed and never mentioned again.
Doubt it. Nothing he changes gets retconed. His stuff sells(or rather his stunts and hype do), Didio has a huge man-crush on him, and that bloodcrazed death cult he calls a fan base would go apeshit. My guess is that he's probably sold them on this for a while. Or at least until the sales start slipping. Of course he'll be gone by then, leaving the next poor shmoe to pick up the pieces. Because if his history is any indication, he'll never have the humility to do a mea culpa and clean up his own mess.

It'll go alongside other stunts like bringing back Batwoman and making her a lesbian or killing off Martian Manhunter and barely acknowledging it.
Bad ideas to be sure. But they didn't have the hype going for it that this tragedy of a run does.
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