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Re: Secret Invasion: The End - SPOILERS!

NX7, you heard wrong. The X-Books are, to me anyway, the most interesting they've been in a while.

"It's very likely that the Black Bolt the Hulk crushed on the Moon was in fact his Skrull impersonator"

This is the case, as was shown in the Inhumans Secret Invasion tie in. I do have to say I'm suprised the Skrull imposter didn't revert back to form after being beaten by the Hulk, but I guess Super-Skrulls are made of sterner stuff. lol.

And Bendis also said in that same interview he would be respecting the work Whedon had done with Emma in Astonishing, which by extension means what Morrison did as Whedon built upon what he did in New X-Men. I will be interested in seeing the one shot for Dark it's going ot be told from Emma's POV.
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