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Re: Aventine the new flagship?

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This is how I've always viewed the E's status as "the flagship"; sort of going hand in hand with why all Starfleet personnel now wear a variant of what was once the Enterprise's insignia (an unofficial explanation, of course, but I happen to like it).
Except that the insignia of the 23rd-century Enterprise is now known to be a variant of an insignia used as far back as the Friendship One probe in the 21st century: Perhaps it was the original UESPA logo, and the Big E's use of that insignia was a tribute to UESPA, perhaps because UESPA was (presumably) behind the program that produced the original starship Enterprise NX-01 (a ship whose own insignia wasn't really adaptable to 23rd-century Starfleet's graphic design style).

I think that's a better explanation for why the whole fleet would adopt it -- because it's a former logo of their forerunner organization. The idea that they're honoring one ship among their number never made much sense to me.

And it might explain an episode like "Court-martial" where we see other Starfleet officers already using the arrowhead insignia. Maybe it was never uniquely NCC-1701's logo to begin with. Perhaps the other emblems we saw on other ships weren't unique to those ships, but were the emblems of particular subsets of the fleet, with multiple ships and starbases using each division's insignia. Maybe Starbase 11 was a command base for the division that used the arrowhead insignia, so all the ships there were part of that same subfleet, and hence all the officers in the bar had the arrowhead emblem on their tunics.
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