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Re: The Dark Knight: Oscar Bound?

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Were any actors billed before the title on The Dark Knight? Since the film doesn't have a traditional opening credits sequence, how is this determined (or does it say The Dark Knight right off the bat at the beginning of the end credits--I can't remember)?
"Before the title" is actually a little bit of an outdated way to describe it because so many films don't have traditional title sequences any more. Billing has to do with actor's contracts which determine the order they are listed in and pay rate. Very occasionally more than one actor or actress may have "top billing" (for instance both James Dean and Rock Hudson were nominated for Best Actor for the movie Giant), but usually it's simply whichever male and female are billed first who qualify for the Best Actor/ Best Actress nomination and everyone else on the bill would go to Best Supporting categories. Ledger was listed behind both Bale and Caine, so there's no way he can qualify for Best Actor for TDK.
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