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Re: Aventine the new flagship?

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That isn't a good analogy. Stable quantum slipstream drive represents a greater technological leap. It opens a much greater portion of our galaxy to exploration and colonization and greater story telling possibilities in the Star Trek universe without resorting to Caretakers Arrays or worm holes because of the distances involved.
No doubt, but I'm only referring to a ships exterior. "Case" as in computer case.

It seems to me that the answer with the quantum slip screen is outline a "control" problem - so they've worked out how to use it to go 60,000 light years but not 2000 light years, they cannot control the energy to that fine of a degree. That way, the delta Quadrant can be used again but you don't have situation where the Enterprise can be at Earth at the start of an adventure and then at the Klingon home world an instant later.
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