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Re: December Challenge Entry: Captives' Ransom

Mistral wrote: View Post
And I think you, too, get it. Grasping the underlying meaning of the holiday quite well, that is. Extremely well presented. Excellent tale. Christmas Mass with a Cardassian. Very interesting approach.
Thanks. Sometimes it's very humbling to realize how privileged those of us in the US and similar nations are...we've never had to experience oppression (no matter HOW much we might bitch about the government). That's something I've been thinking about lately.

This song also got tied to the movie The Nativity Story in my mind--one that really brings home what it was like in those days. That's the intro song, and just about makes me cry in that context (which is about the most appropriate context possible).

BTW, just to be very's actually one of the Advent Sundays these two were present for--the same one that today is. (I did use a perpetual calendar to figure out what the date was supposed to be. )

RobertScorpio wrote: View Post
Which is what will make these entries so interesting...Great job Nerys...I actually felt I was in this story and I could see what was happening...bravo...
Very glad to know that! There are times I feel like my writing doesn't reflect the images I have in my mind--so I'm very glad to know you were able to "see" well.
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