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Re: Secret Invasion: The End - SPOILERS!

Some more things I've read.

* The result of the Secret Invasion: Inhumans storyline will be "War of Kings", where the Inhumans will ally with the Kree and go up against the Shi'ar, led by Emperor Vulcan.

* Early covers for the Dark Avengers feature someone wearing a version of Iron Man's armour designed to look like Captain America's costume named "the Iron Patriot", Spider-Man in his black costume, Ms. Marvel (in her old red and blue costume), Hawkeye (in his original costume), Ares, Marvel Boy and Wolverine. They may not be the real people, however.

* Ms. Marvel's own book suggests she may soon be going up against Osborn. Which makes sense, given...

* The New Avengers appear to be gaining two new members, Captain America and Ms. Marvel. Spider-Woman will also re-join them. The cover for this second issue has two Wolverines, one of whom they appear to be attacking, which suggests the Dark Avengers aren't who they say they are.

* The Mighty Avengers will be getting a completely new lineup, and will now be written by Dan Slott. Bendis will write Dark Avengers.

* Nick Fury's Secret Warriors will get their own book.

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