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Re: Secret Invasion: The End - SPOILERS!

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I haven't read up on the Marvel events since Civil War. So I am not entirely sure what's going on. I saw the last page with Norman and the group. And had a couple of questions - Why is Loki female? (or was he just badly drawn?) Why is Emma Frost there? My q is because Emma now is with Scott (in current continuity and is not evil - or is she?) or am I wrong in assuming that the Group is necessarily evil-doers based on the presence of Doom and Loki?
Loki has been a female since Thor brought back the Gods in his relaunched series.

Emma is a tricky one. She hasnt been a bad guy in close to 20 years in real life time, and yet writer after writer likes to keep asking "is she going to go back to being a bad guy?". If she is in this group to look after the interests of mutants, than I can buy that as that is certainly in character, if it's because she is "evil" again I wont.
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