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Re: Luna Class Number of Decks

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Christopher, can you give us a little more information about the Star Trek: Titan series bible? Is this similar to a television series bible in length and content?
There are similarities, but there's a lot of variation in series bibles.

Does a series bible exist for all book series or is Star Trek: Titan a unique case?
I'm aware of bibles for Titan and Vanguard; the latter is a lot like a TV series bible because it was largely written by David Mack, who has TV experience. I imagine that bibles are needed mainly for multi-author original series, since their purpose is to give incoming writers information about the basics of the series.

I presume that it is updated after each episode in the book series. Is that correct?
Well, I haven't gotten any updates since the original one, so I don't know.

Do have every Star Trek book published by Pocket Books or are there times you need to consult a resource like Memory Alpha or Memory Beta?
I don't have room to have all of them, but I can request any I need from the editor, and yes, the Memory sites are often useful.
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