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Re: Luna Class Number of Decks

LOL! I can imagine that a lot of poker is played on the U.S.S. Titan and there is also a lot of jazz music.

I was curious if an official number had been determined because deck height isn't consistent between classes. Some starships have taller decks while others are shorter. Some ships have decks that are 3.5 meters tall while the Intrepid class has decks that are 4 meters tall. Ex Atris Scientia has an article entitled "Starship Sizes" that discusses how to calculate starship size:

Christopher, can you give us a little more information about the Star Trek: Titan series bible? Is this similar to a television series bible in length and content? Does a series bible exist for all book series or is Star Trek: Titan a unique case? I presume that it is updated after each episode in the book series. Is that correct? Do have every Star Trek book published by Pocket Books or are there times you need to consult a resource like Memory Alpha or Memory Beta?

Thanks for verifying the ballpark number of decks Sean.

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