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Re: Frakes On 'Star Trek XI'

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As I remember, Nemesis finished at around +6 million dollars.
$43 Million....not much less than Star Trek 5
Star Trek 5 cost 30 million dollars and brought in 50 mill. It was an extremely modest profit but it was enough to justify a Star Trek VI. Especially since the first four movies were very profitable.

I'll give the TNG people credit for First Contact. .
Generations made profit as well as Insurrection and First Contact. If anything Nemesis is the only flop and the TNG crew is not at fault is Paramounts schedueling and Baird's direction and the script being released online. People may not like the movie but it still could have made a lot more money.
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In my dream world, there'd be two parallel Trek productions on -- releasing TNG/DS9 Trek flicks on even numbered years,
That would be awesome
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