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Re: Frakes On 'Star Trek XI'

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As I remember, Nemesis finished at around +6 million dollars.
$43 Million....not much less than Star Trek 5
Star Trek 5 cost 30 million dollars and brought in 50 mill. It was an extremely modest profit but it was enough to justify a Star Trek VI. Especially since the first four movies were very profitable.

I'll give the TNG people credit for First Contact. It was a good movie and an absolute success on an entertainment and profit level but... Please remember that Nemesis cost what, about 60 million if I recall and it's box office take was 43 mill and some change. It was an absolute money loser. There's just no way Paramount is gonna throw away good money after bad. Never happen.

Personally I think TNG only has a chance at a comeback if they go made for tv. Personally I'd think that would be a good thing. TV movies are cheaper to produce than big screen fare and maybe they'd come up with something special for the fans. Even if it's one last goodbye.
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