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Re: RIP - 4E

I am honored to say that I had the privilage of meeting Forry on several occasions. The most recent was this summer, and his health had clearly gone downhill. However, even with that, his humor and good spirits (no pun intended) were evident. Forry was the kind of man that I would like to be. I don't think there is a person alive who met him who didn't take a piece of him back with them. He was a generous, kind-hearted man.

I'm also lucky that I know the young man who had been living in his house for a number of years and taking care of him. So my information about the man is accurate.
Forry had just celebrated his 92nd birthday. His health recently had taken a turn for the worse, but he seemed to have a very draastic recovery. I think everyone knew that time was short, though.

Not enough good can be said about this true gentleman. As he described others, I can say about him. Underneith it all, he was Santa Claus.

The stars will shine a little less brightly from now on.
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