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Re: Frakes On 'Star Trek XI'

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Star Trek 5 wasn't a smash but at least it broke even. Nemesis can't make that claim. Insurrection and Nemesis's piddling box office performances have given Paramount no financial insentive at all for them to make another TNG movie.
As I remember, Nemesis finished at around +6 million dollars. Which is a "flop", but not an actual money-loser. (If I understand the figures I've seen) That also doesn't account for DVD sales over the years, which I would guess has increased the profit on that film considerably.
First Contact is, Trek film-wise, still the horse to beat. I think STXI is going to blow them all out of the water.
But I'd bet TNG is still very profitable, between its perennial syndication, and all the DVD products out there which cost very little to make.
I honestly think what did them in was super-oversaturation, the likes of which no franchise has ever seen. TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, all on TV, add in a competing huge hit like The Two Towers, and Nem being a mediocre film, and there it is.
As far as succesfulness is concerned, TNG is still the King, by far. So who knows? A tale of two ships, throw in some DS9 characters. Well hey. We can dream anyway...
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