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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

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Well, assuming that the new Abram's Enterprise is considered canon (I consider it to be, but not everyone does) this is what I'd imagine it looking like.

Original Abram's:

Abram's Refit:
Assuming that the new Abram's Enterprise is considered canon, it would have been refitted to look like the TOS Enterprise, then another refit to that would make the TMP Enterprise. Of course, there could have been a (very) few ships exploring out in far off sectors that never received the TOS refit. FASA Star Trek mentions something similar - USS Ark Royal, a TOS Constitution class that was never refitted to TMP specs...

And what does it mean if the new Abram's Enterprise is considered canon?

It means the TOS Enterprise is now the Constitution Refit, and the TMP Enterprise becomes the Constitution Second Refit...

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