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Re: Secret Invasion: The End - SPOILERS!

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What is the Dark Avengers premise going to be? I thought it was going to be set up in the end of SI but it wasn't. Perhaps some of the heroes will learn about the Dark Illuminati and go renegade to track them down, the way the New Avengers went after the Skrull Infiltration?

Or would it actually star the Dark Illuminati?

And Nick Fury will be getting his own separate comic as well, right? The Secret Avengers? So there will be FIVE Avenger teams now?
No, Fury's group will probably get its own book but they are not going to call themselves Avengers. I'm not sure what the Dark Avengers is all about but Bendis is saying the line up will be more controversial than when they made Wolverine and Spider-Man Avengers.

The Secret Avengers were Cap's side in the Civil War.

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Wasn't Sue Richards in there too? Has it been revealed yet when those people were taken?
Not all of them. There were issues of Mighty and New Avengers about Elektra, Spider-Woman and Hank Pym but not the rest. There was an online preview showing Dum Dum Dugan being replaced as well.

Sue was there. They found her just as Baxter Building rematerialised from it's trip to the Negative Zone with Johnny, Ben and the kids (see Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four).

Spider-Woman was swapped out when HYDRA offered to restore her powers if she came to work for them, in other words she was really Veranke for her entire tenure with the New Avengers.

Hank was taken some time after the events of Avengers: Disassembled where he and Janet had gone to England to rekindle their relationship.

It's not 100% clear when Elektra was replaced but it is known that the Skrull intended to replace her was not the one who ended up doing so. She killed most of the Skrulls who attacked her but was eventually unable to fight all of them off.

Susan was replaced during a lecture tour only days before the Invasion began.

It's very likely that the Black Bolt the Hulk crushed on the Moon was in fact his Skrull impersonator.
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