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Re: Up sizing the movie Enterprise

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I don't recall anybody proposing resizing the Enterprise to 1,080 feet. Who came up with that idea?
There have been numerous extended discussions on the net over the actual size of the TOS Enterprise, and as there isn't an actual ship, there is a lot of details choices anyone can make when approaching the subject.

On the 1080' length, this is based on a direct doubling of the original intended length of 540' (from around the late summer of 1964). The fact that this was the original length was confirmed (quite nicely) by MGagen using the hull markings on the secondary hull. But for whatever reasons, Jefferies didn't use a doubled scale, and decided on a length of 947' for his internal use on the show's production. This has generally divided those of us interested in the TOS Enterprise as a workable ship (and making plans for such a vessel) into two camps... the 947' camp and the 1080' camp.

I generally fall into the 947' camp as my work in this area to date has been an attempt to see just how much rhyme and reason Jefferies actually put into the designing of the Enterprise. Most people assume that because Star Trek was made at around the same time as Lost in Space or Voyage to the bottom of the Sea that the attention to detail must have been as lacking. I've come to the conclusion that Jefferies most likely had a very clear vision of how the Enterprise was laid out and he left us some great clues as to what he saw in his mind back during TOS production.

One of the things that I believe is that the Enterprise in Jefferies' mind was always a work in progress, and he would have no problems changing this if he wanted. He didn't constrain himself to the finished 11' model, his Enterprise was the one in his head and in his drawings (which diverged from the original model in the years after it was built).

The best example of this is the Phase II Enterprise (which was what the TMP Enterprise was based on), which was supposed to have been a generally mild upgrade to the ship (in the proposed show), but Jefferies took the opportunity to make other modifications to the design. It was Jefferies' modifications that have led to the heated discussions over the question of whether the TMP Enterprise is actually the TOS Enterprise or a completely new ship.

One additional wrinkle in all this are the Joseph plans from 1973. Most people (including me while growing up) considered these the plans for the Enterprise. And this includes things like deck heights. Many people assume the show's ceiling heights (about 10') were a mistake given the number of decks in the Joseph plans, but Jefferies had actually assumed fewer decks in his design.

In my plans I used two main sources as seen here, and I've been using the original set plans for interior parts of the ship. Though to date I've only done outline sketches of where I plan on taking all this.
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