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Re: Frakes On 'Star Trek XI'

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This wishful thinking from the TNG cast always makes me a little melancholy. Those guys had a chance to build a viable motion picture franchise and they never really brought home the gold bullion like the Classic Trek films did.
Yeah, but how much of that was their fault? Insurrection was Frakes' movie, and Stewart had a lot of influence on it, sure. But I got the feeling that the cast were not really involved in the creative process of Nemesis to a whole degree (forced to accept a director who didn't give much of a damn about Star Trek, with no real way of stopping it).

Sure, they got some fair shots. With some, they succeeded (First Contact, also a Frakes film, so don't blame him entirely). With others, they failed (Insurrection). That's true of the classic cast, too.

The problem is, Nemesis wasn't a fair shot - it failed, but I don't think it's the cast's fault. The acting was just as good in that one, they just had so much less to work with. So to blame successive failures on the cast (something that the classic cast didn't experience) isn't entirely fair - they had so much less of an opportunity than the originals.

That they think there's any chance of making a comeback after two duds in a row is just... sad. Or perhaps, pathetic?
I don't think they really think they're going to come back - they seem to have accepted it. But that doesn't mean they don't privately wish, among friends, that it would happen. Or talk about it amongst themselves. Or express optimism when asked by the press.

Do you really expect them to say "No, it'll never happen" when asked? Of course not - then it really will never happen, no matter what. But if they want it to happen - even if they know it won't happen - then when pressed, they'll at least be optimistic.

I don't think it's fair to say it's sad or pathetic that they think they're making a come-back - because I think it's clear they don't truly believe it. Just because you'd like something doesn't mean you think it'll happen - or that you're pathetic or sad for having such a desire.
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