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Plot Summary: Riker is called away from a poker game with Data when the Enterprise receives a distress call from a freighter at Turkana IV, the birthplace Tasha Yar. By the time the ship arrives, two crewmembers from the freighter have crashed on the planet and are being held by the Alliance, one of two factions on the planet. Picard seeks help from Hayne, the leader of the rival Coalition. When Hayne discovers that the Enterprise crew knew Tasha, he asks his fellow Coalition member Ishara Yar - Tasha's sister - to help the Enterprise recover the missing freighter crew.Ishara offers to lead an away team to where the Alliance keeps its hostages and explains that Alliance members can always tell when a Coalition member is approaching because of a subcutaneous detector that sets off alarms when they enter rival territory. She volunteers to act as a diversion so the Enterprise can recover the missing crewmembers, but she is badly wounded before the mission can be completed. Data, who grows close to Ishara by sharing memories of Tasha, suggests that Crusher remove her implant so that Ishara can lead them directly to the missing men, and though Picard has concerns about Ishara's seeming contempt for Tasha, he agrees to the plan. Ishara leads the Enterprise crew to the hostages from the freighter but then sneaks off to overload the Alliance's defensive network. When Data discovers what she has done, she admits that her assistance was offered only so she could bring down the Alliance, since the Coalition is waiting for her signal to send in an attack force. Riker distracts Ishara so that Data can knock her out, then restore the Alliance defensive network and the balance of power on Turkana IV. Hayne demands that Ishara be returned, and Picard reluctantly agrees, while Riker tries to help Data accept that Ishara abused their trust.

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