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Re: Up sizing the movie Enterprise

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... with the hangar being the real "key factor."
I thought the hangar deck was okay on the 947' version, though I wouldn't mind if it was a little bigger. As the one part of the ship that is a pretty wide open space, it would be nice to use it for recreational activities... but it is a few feet too narrow for an official size volleyball court.

It might not be as much of a problem if the gallery wasn't as wide as we saw in Conscience of the King, but I couldn't justify changing what we saw on screen for something we've never even heard of in TOS.

My main motivation has been to see if what Jefferies put together for TOS worked with as few compromises as possible (and I think it seems to). But I think while aridas sofia's version also seems to work, when you attempt to add in TAS stuff as well the larger (1080') size might be even more desirable.
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