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Nice work, but to me it looks neither NASA nor Star Trek. That is pure Chesley Bonestell.
Awesome. I think aridas would be ok with that. I know I am.

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This looks great, but I have a tech question for you. How do you make the glowing areas glow? I haven't been able to achieve that look....

Using Blender's render nodes. There's a new node called Glare. I set up a separate render layer that just has the lights, apply glare to it, then composite it back together.
Other software does the same thing in different ways. For instance, Maya allows you to set up a "glow" parameter for any material (ie, appliable appearance) you create, with a variety of parameters (color, luminosity, pure fall-off, normal-based fall-off, etc) you can create.

The thing about that form of glow is that it's a post-render effect... meaning it won't actually provide illumination to other parts of the scene, it only "fakes" the glow. So if you do that, you need to create an invisible "ambient light source" to fake out the illumination coming from that region.

That's also a "node" effect, by the way, so I'm presuming that what you mention works much the same way?
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