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Arc of the Wolf: True Bearings - Artwork

So, the last bit of artwork (for now, anyway) that goes along with this set. Some sketches, some actual colored work, a digital painting or two.

Breathless - I'm not too good at backgrounds or anything else, but I trip out on lighting and the pose is pretty good (for once). Scotty, awestruck, in EV gear. Was gonna go and do the whole story in images, but lost my will on it after awhile.

Laughter - Just a really rough sketch, but I totally adore it. Mostly because the little SOB doesn't laugh nearly enough. So, it's endearing to me.

Winter in Maine - Another rough sketch I love. Somewhere around the time of Bookends.

Just Askin' - Another sketch, originally done for practice, definitely from Bookends. Corry trying to put the brakes on Scotty, before he goes and asks Corry's crush if she wants to join them for coffee.

Be Careful - Full black-and-white digital painting from 'Mothers and Sons'. Didn't come out too bad.

Corry in Color - Just a quick portrait I did to show Corry's coloring. Probably somewhere around summer of 2246. He's a tawny kind of blond.
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