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Re: 3 Possibilities for Series VI

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Ideas for Series VI

Late 24th Century era (post Nemesis) based Series on a starship that docks with a space station, a combo of DS9 and TNG type of stories.
Make the station a border outpost in a rough neighborhood, and the starship some sort of border-patrol cutter and mnaybe you got something here.
Wow, when I read that I immediately thought of the USS Bozeman commanded by Captain Bateson. I think she was assigned border patrol duty in one of the novels ("Ship of the Line"?).
Yep, it was Ship of the Line, a much maligned novel by Diane Carey. My suggestion was partially inspuired by that book as well as the fan produced book Ships of the Star Fleet Volume 2 which features a class of small (reletive to the Enteprise) perimeter action ships.
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