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Re: Babylon 5 quotebook is finally here!

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the problem is, while B5 was an okay one talks like that
I knew I'd find this quote sooner or later! How would you know how people talk in the 23rd century anyway? jms' take on it (emphasis mine):

So I write my characters as sharp, and as witty, and as intelligent, and as literate as I wish I would be under those sorts of circumstances, which of course I never am. Maybe to remind people of the power of language...mainly because I just love the sound of words carefully stitched together. My dramatic conceit is that in 2259, we have had a moderate rebirth of formality, and the kind of literacy you would often see in letters from the turn of the century, and the 1930s. Because it allows me to write it the way I want.
When you think about it, being on a diplomatic station the inhabitants would almost have to adopt a formal mode in order to minimize the chance of misunderstandings when dealing with aliens who've learned formal English (or Narn or Minbari...) not colloquialisms. Think about it. When you meet someone whose English might be limited, politeness requires that you speak more clearly and grammatically.

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