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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Hey... I just noticed this thread was here as I only took notice of the Misc thread. But I've been here a few short days and made a few posts, may as well introduce myself a little...

I'm a web developer in the west of Scotland and head a few posts here for a while to avoid work... eventually signed up as I had very little motivation. I also work for a company called SWA working on various projects, but mostly running their 'Fan Access' website.

Outside of that I'm a massive nerd, single with one kid and get obsessed with projects I never finish - one of them being writing a Star Trek based book, but I got far too easily distracted with sketching pictures of what I thought everything should look like and never made much progress.

I'm also terrible at introductions and ramble a lot. So I'll stop thee before I run into a big pile of poo...
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