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Arc of the Wolf: True Bearings - Notes and Things

All right, this is the last set I'm posting here until I have more done. Alas, I don't know when that'll be, since I've been suffering a very agonizing writer's block for awhile now. But if you want to read what else I do have out of context, you can find all of the stories here. If you're looking for some Christmas fluff, It's All Engineering is a good piece requiring no real context. But that's up to you -- there are big pieces missing in there.

There's one story written for me by someone else (Trekfan) to add to this set. Half-canon, but as always, wonderful: A possible look at Corry and Abby's not-quite-first date.

Title: First Date
Author: Trekfan
Rating: G
Pairing: Abby/Corry
Timeline: July 2246
Words: 1543
Disclaimer: Scott belongs to Paramount; Pete belongs to Trekfan. SLWatson belongs to the rest of 'em and then some. ::grins::
Notes: Written as half of a trade by Trekfan! So, tell him what you think. A possible look at Corry's first time out with Abby. As he said, "okay, here's a story for SLWatson, about dear Mr. Corriagan. As always, any and all comments are welcome. This story I particulary enjoyed writing (partly inspired by my 11th grade history teacher). enjoy."

Of course, there are more goodies, but I'll get to them tomorrow. In the meantime, I shall explain the story behind South Bristol, Maine.

Back when I picked this particular hometown for Corry, I had done so by basically throwing a digital dart at a map and came up with this. I only knew I wanted him to be from New England, and on a bit of a lark, from Maine. I hunted around the internet (this back when it was a much smaller place) and came across a picture of a pretty town where the sun was rising on the docks.

Enter, South Bristol.

The thing about evolving storylines is that you don't always know what will happen. I had no idea that South Bristol would be anything more than a mention, but as time went on and I kept asking questions, it emerged as being a place that held a significant amount of importance. Not because it was the site of some grand endeavor, but because, like all of us have at some point in our lives, it's the 'home territory' for at least two of the most important parts of my cast.

So, for about six years this story came back to visit Midcoast Maine, and that region between Wiscasset and Pemaquid Penninsula. I'd never been to Maine; in fact, I'd never been into New England, really, past Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. So I relied on a ton of research, and fell in love with this place through my characters' eyes.

Finally, the opportunity came up for me to take my very first adult vacation. And, there was only one place I wanted to go. So, this year in September, my friend Rach and I went to South Bristol.

There's something kind of remarkable about walking around the home territory of your characters, even a couple centuries before they do.

So, here are my pictures -- South Bristol, Boothbay Harbor, Damariscotta... a whole bunch of pictures of the space where my characters walk. Large images, so don't browse on slow connections.

Midcoast Maine.
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