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Re: Was Guinan suppose to have powers?

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In the encounter between Q and Gunian (in Q Who) - was the original intent that Guinan would have special powers (beyond the time sense we saw later)? There is a scene where it looks like she and Q are going to start shooting at each other with their hands?
I don't know about hand projectiles, but it seems her encounter with the Nexus gave her some degree of clairvoyance, or a 6th sense of sorts.

Case in point - during Yesterday's Enterprise Guinan was freakin'. She knew she wasn't supposed to know Tasha Yar... etc. Her Spidey Sense seemed to be aware of alternate timelines. I could see how a close call with an anomaly like The Nexus could have such an effect.

After Generations, rewatching certain TNG episodes where Guinan had a weird sense about people had a different meaning.
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