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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

DavidFalkayn wrote: View Post
Very, very well done. And yes, you do a very good job in juggling the large cast of characters you have--these are individuals--not cardboard cutouts.
Thanks! The people are the most fun for me--I love getting inside their heads, finding out what makes them tick, and watching what happens when you put them all in a room together.

Example: I wasn't initially looking for the Speros-Berat animosity, but then when I threw them together, it just...kinda felt right to have the two not get along, and not just on Speros' end. Speros being a jackass isn't surprising. But if you ever read Betrayal, you'll see an impulsiveness to the way Lois Tilton wrote Berat. While in the novel that trait was pushed by circumstances to a huge extreme, I figured that had to speak to something in his nature under normal conditions. So I can just envision those two having been in an argument (probably more than one) before the one Macet prevented them from having--probably because Berat couldn't keep from calling Speros on it when he got obnoxious.

TimmyWl wrote: View Post
I do admire the nod to Captain Picard in the beginning of the story. It provided some sign of where the story comes from and namely the character of Macet. The bit at the end does portray the operation as advanced somewhat in their approach. It's really nice to see these Cardassians level-headed and complex; yet they are willing to achieve their goals of freedom with an unorthodox approach. I hope that they achieve it.
Glad the stuff I wrote about Picard felt right to you. I expected that to tick off some people, but while I think Picard's had some good traits, Macet does kinda let me vent at the flaws some.

The descriptions of Cardassian battle plans that I've seen have always indicated a great degree of planning and a lot of cunning: "a plan within a plan within a plan leading to a trap." They're a disciplined people, too--not unemotional like Vulcans, but they can get a serious, singleminded dedication. As if it weren't difficult enough already to write, this has really given me a lot to live up to--I not only have to write a battle plan, but give it those Cardassian fingerprints! (And the way I envision Berat and the workings of his mind makes it even tougher.)

I'm curious about the other inside person they planted - namely the false Vorta. Is she still alive or not?
I believe she is. I won't be able to revisit that for a few chapters, but yes.
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