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Re: Arc of the Wolf: True Bearings - Reflected

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Very nice to see the interaction between these two now that Scott's come to a place in his life where I can more easily empathize. I didn't really read "Junkyard Dogs," but I still enjoyed this.

I also like your reflections on Jay's attachments to Deneva and Earth.
I think, if I wove the earlier stuff well enough and I weave the later stuff well enough, you'll understand the young, half-feral Scotty a lot better. But I have way too much to write yet, before it all clicks. That's part of the joy of writing it, though; arcs within arcs within eras, within the broad story of a person's life. If I do my job well, then hopefully you'll want to go back and re-read the early stuff with new perspective.

Still, that's awhile to go yet.

Thanks so much for the comment! I hadn't originally planned on revisiting Jay, but I was glad I could. He's a good man and I came to care a lot about him in Junkyard Dogs; it seemed only fair to give him one more look.
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