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Re: Letter to Obama...

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Finally, comparing me to Daleks and Karl Marx is just ridiculous.
The Daleks comment was a joke. :P I was just amused by your use of the word Exterminate!

Truthfully, it's a good thing that you're telling your leader what you think. We may disagree to the point where I think most of your points are laugh out loud ridiculous, but it's never a bad thing to speak your mind. Just know, I'm gonna speak mine right back. :P
That's fine. The tone can use some work, though.

Also, look what I just found in my e-mail inbox...

Thanks for writing to share your thoughts on where the country should go.

There will be many more ways to get involved in the weeks and months to come -- and with a lot of hard work ahead of us, we'll be counting on you to help.

The Obama-Biden Transition Project[/COLOR]
It might just be a form letter but, who knows? Something might happen.
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