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It started off nice and there is somethings I like (like keeping education a local issue as far as course-work and standards go), but you then heavily contradict yourself when you talk about bailing out the Big 3. Still, the sentiment is nice and I do hope that Obama reads that letter because it is always nice to hear different perspectives, especially ones you disagree with.
Well, at least someone doesn't want to nail me to a cross.

As for the Big 3, it's a LOAN they want, not a bailout. I have no doubt they'd repay it ASAP, too. Also, I don't want to be forced to rely on a foreign automaker for my transportation. That puts a significant amount of my freedom to travel in foreign hands, which is unacceptable to me. Plus, who do you think has been primarily responsible for building the trucks, tanks and Humvees the Army uses? It's primarily GM & Ford. So, they'll get the loans they need just because they're critically important defense contractors. I'm just concerned with the details and want to make sure this doesn't have to happen again.

I'm not going to even bother responding to anyone in this thread that decides to launch a personal attack against me. Not only is it a waste of time but, at least I have the Balls to tell my leaders what I think. How many of you would take the time to do such a thing? There's no excuse not to since I provided a link to the page on Obama's site where you can tell him what you think.

Finally, comparing me to Daleks and Karl Marx is just ridiculous. It's also rather revealing of some of you people's various points of view. Calling me a Fascist and a Communist all in the same thread? Wow. It sure is a good thing that I actually enjoy playing the part of a Folk Devil and causing Moral Panics.
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